View your home and other places to visit in 3d on your smartphone using Google Earth app

You should want to view your home and any specific location from a  perspective. Google Earth app assists you explore the globe through 2D and 3D all over the globe. Today, I will tell you more about Google Earth. Continue reading this blog until the end to learn more details about this.

Google Earth App

This is among the top applications that allows you to see your home in  It lets you see the building, street and any other location in your phone. It is also possible to see your home in 360 degrees.


Explore your home and other locations  in 2D as well as
Check out borders, areas such as roads, landmarks Water, borders, etc.
Check out the longitude and latitude lines.
Turn on Animated Clouds
Turn on  Buildings
Measure Distance

How do you make use of Google Earth? Google Earth App on your phone?

Make sure that you are running Google Earth on your phone to view your home in . If you don’t own this app then you need in order to download the app. How do you download the app onto your phone?
It is at the bottom of the post to find an download button. Click to the download button to download and install the app on your phone. Launch the app and then click on the Search icon at the top to search for your home or other locations.
Enter the location name that you wish to view and then search. Zoom into the screen to view your location. It is necessary to click the  option in order to view your home as well as your location in 3dLaunch the app and then click on the Search icon at the top to search.


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