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The Fidget spinner fingerprint lock screen to fool of Android app in 2023

You’ve always wanted to secure your phone and have tried numerous applications. But you’ve never tried this kind or lock app that can secure you phone. Today I will explain to you how to use the spinner on Fidget   fingerprint lock      app. It is the most secure protection lock app that will secure both your phone as well as your app. Check out this post through to learn more about the app.

Fidget fingerprint lock screen for prank app.

The Fidget fingerprint lock will be your most effective app for you to secure your specific app as well as your phone from any unauthorized user.


     Configure to lock the screen lock.
     Lock time with this app.
     Include Security questions to ensure the most secure security.
     Select the app to secure through the fidget fingerprint lock.

What can you do with the Fidget spinner fingerprint lock screen to create a app? app?


            You must have this app. If you don’t already possess this app. The first step is to must download this                  app onto your phone. How do you download and install the app to your phone?

            Scroll to the bottom of the post and you will see The Download Button.

            Hit the Download Button to download then install this app onto your phone.

            Launch the app after installation and give access to the media files permissions the app.

           Click the grant button now and then allow display of the app’s permissions. Press the one-click grant                 button. Allow the phone call as well as cameras access to the app.

           Scanning your finger on the screen of the fidget to preview the display and set your phone’s fingerprint             lock for your phone.

In addition, set the password protection on your phone in order to activate this option to protect your password option. The three-line icon is located to the left-hand corner, and then click on the Screen Lock and AppLock option.

It is also possible to lock your own app by selecting that app that you want to lock and then press the lock option, then select the lock now button. After entering the pin, switch to pattern, and select your pin. You must grant the lock permission, and the app is secure right now.
Use these directions to download and install the app and then use it. You can use the app for set an fidget fingerprint lock for you phone for secure the phone.
Thank you for taking the time to read this post to the final. I hope that this post can be extremely helpful to you.



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