How To Make Money On Amazon (20$ Daily).

How To Make Money On Amazon (20$ Daily).

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Today I have taken one of the best platform for May Up,
from which you can earn 15 to 20 dollars of plan. There is a good news in this, there is no investment,
there is no cost.

This little can do more than about 13 years of age. Now you must be thinking that which website is
which platform from which people are earning millions. He is not a bad person for his investment.
This site is called Amazon. From which people are earning millions today without any investment.

Now you are thinking how you can earn money from Amazon. Let me explain to Mr. May up how to
earn money from Amazon. It will take a little effort to earn money from Amazon, but every little effort requires more   time. What we do not give is therefore successful No leaves.

It is less difficult if one understands. This can be done on your mobile phone. And yes, whatever
reduction has to be done, it has to be done carefully, and you have to follow the steps. If you want to
earn money, read what I have written carefully and follow the instructions. You will become a
successful person. Now we come to our topic. You must be thinking that how will you earn money
from Amazon?

All information will be given to May up. You have to follow my every word, everything has to be
understood and you have to follow it. Now you must be thinking that there are products on it.
However, they cannot reduce the bad investment. If you are thinking all this, then you are thinking
completely wrong. When you think about all this, you might want to ask about Amazon.Now I will tell
you how to make money on Amazon. First, how to create an account.

     >>How to Create an Amazon Account.

All you have to do is go to Google and search for Amazon Associates. You have to do this and open
the site which is Amazon All you have to do is go to Google and search for Amazon
Associates. You have to do this and open the site which is After opening it, a page will
open in front of you It is written on it that you have to sign up, how will you be able to earn money. You will be able to reduce it and earn a lot.

After that, there will be a signup option, you have to press it and a page will open in front of you. They
will ask you to give your email and password. If we do not have an account, we will click on the option
to create a new Amazon account. First we create our Amazon account.

Then the account will become the account of Amazon Associate. Now they will ask you for your information, you have to give all the information. There is no mistake in this. Now after creating the account we move to our next step.
Our Amazon account has been created. Now we have to create an Amazon account.

      >>How to Create an Amazon Associate Account.

After creating an Amazon account, when you create an Amazon account, a page will open in front of
you. Options will be shown in front of you Account Information is Website and there will be 2 options.
Wow, you have to write with a lot of courage. They will ask your name from account information, you
have to tell your full name. Which will be on your identity card.

You have given a lot of information. After giving all the information, now we will proceed to the next
step. Now we will take the second step and it will ask us about our website and it will tell us to enter
your website if your website is not there So, it doesn’t matter, you can give the link of your YouTube
channel, you can give the link of TikTok or the link of Facebook and Instagram.

After giving this information, how do you reduce, how will you earn, I will tell you everything. Now
after giving all the information, your Amazon account will appear in front of you. The front page of the
account will be in front of the up page and there will be information about Earning overviews on it.

Now after that we will go to our Amazon account. Now you have to open a Simple Amazon account.
Not opening an Amazon account. After opening the Amazon account, it is now time to start product
hunting, i.e. which product do you have to suck and get the reward for it.

From which you will get good profit. You have to open Amazon and you have to suck the product that you know a little bit about it. Now whatever product you want to buy first you have to check its rating if its rating is 4 star or 5 star phir hi You have to suck it, not only by ratting, you have to put its price in the money. There is one thing
that you must not forget.

That is whether the product is in stock or not. If it is in stock then you have
to select it. After that, you have selected it, then it will be written in the upper corner, so whatever you
have written is your country. It must have been written like a dog, you have to remove it and put the
location of the United States on it, most of the people will take it.

You must select products that can be delivered to the United States After you have seen everything,
you have to put this product on sale. Now you must be thinking how you will deliver this product, there
is no need to take tension. Amazon reached the product itself de ga. All you have to do is reduce
yourself and earn your own back. The harder you work, the more dollars you earn. will I hope you will
understand me very well If you want to earn money, follow my advice and work hard, I guarantee you
will become a successful person.

Thanks a lot for reading my article, I hope you got something to say from it. As long as you keep
supporting me, I will always bring you the best content. I wanted to explain to you and I hope that you
will understand. Now give me permission, I will be present next time.
God bless you……

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