How To Make Money On Facebook (Ads)

How To Make Money On Facebook (Ads)


Hello everyone, I hope you are all tired. Friends, today I will tell you about an online earning app
from which you can earn millions. Yes, you guys can earn millions, this app is really amazing, it gives
you a lot of money with little effort. This is not a secret app, you will find it in every mobile phone
nowadays. Everyone uses it. The name of this app is Facebook, you can earn a lot of money by
posting ads. Nowadays everyone uses it but no one knows its benefits. Nowadays people are earning
millions from Facebook alone. Now you too can earn millions.

Facebook is a wonderful app, earlier people were not getting any benefit from it, but now this
app is also giving millions of rupees like YouTube. This app also earns in dollars like YouTube. If you
also want to earn dollars, then you have to pay a lot of money for my secret words. One has to
understand and one has to act on it. I will tell you a lot of tricks on Facebook which you can earn from
150$ to 200$ monthly. I will tell you first of all that how you have to start earning from Facebook. The way is very simple, just you have to follow.

First of all you have to make a Facebook page, how you have to make a page, I will tell you in detail
that you have done it carefully. And making a page without following is not a difficult task, these days
even a 10-12 year old child has been able to do it. Now if you have only 5 thousand friends then you
can create a Facebook page.

How to create facebook page.

How To Make Money On Facebook (Ads)
How To Make Money On Facebook (Ads)

You will have to keep many things in your body while you are running the Facebook page. If
these things are not taken care of, then there may be a problem in your page. That’s why you have to
make your Facebook page carefully. Now let’s see how to create a page. Number 1, to create a
Facebook page, you used to need 10 thousand friends, but now Isa is nothing. If you have 5 thousand
friends, you can make a good Facebook page. Now you are thinking how to make 5000 friends so
quickly. Now I will tell you how to make a thousand friends in a day or two.

How to collect Facebook friends.

May I tell you a secret that no one will tell you. You have to use a tadka with which you can make 5,000
or 10,000 friends in a couple of days. Nowadays, you know that Pakistani people are very tired, that’s
why they don’t send requests for the I’d of boys. They only give the request certificate to all the girls, you just have to use this truck. First of all, you have to make a name of a girl, then look at magic. If you don’t get more than 5
thousand friends in 2 to 3 days, then tell me. Now it’s time to talk about what you have to do. When you have 5 thousand friends, then you have to create a Facebook page. There is also a way to create a Facebook page, which you must follow.

When we create an account of any app, there are rules for it, in the same way there are rules for
creating a Facebook page. Which you have to follow otherwise your page may be in danger. For this
reason, you have to make the page very well. Before creating a Facebook page, you will have a Facebook account. So first you have to post only pictures with descriptions. After that, when you have accumulated 5 thousand friends, then you have to create a Facebook page. When you have to create a Facebook page, then after that, what you have
to do is fill the page with Woo Gore. When your page is completely created, then you have to post short videos on it.

Now you must be thinking that I did not tell you about creating a page.

There is no need to take tension, you will find this Tarha Bohit Sri videos on YouTube. I am giving
you the link of the videos which will give you a good guide on how to make a Facebook page of Day
Gee. You have to watch the videos in a good way and others have to understand them in a good way,
then you have to make a Facebook page. If you do not get the link from here, then there is no need to
take tension, you have to download it on YouTube “How to make a Facebook page” After doing this,
you will see a lot of videos in front of you, you have to watch two or three which you like.

After that, you have to create a video Facebook page.  After creating the page, you have to check
that there are no errors in the settings, if there are any, then correct them. After exhausting the
settings and everything else, you have to put short videos in it. You have to upload short videos of any
type, you just have to try that the videos are not dirty. You have brought good views on this video. If
your videos are not getting good views, then there is a solution for that too.

There is also a solution to this, you just have to upload the videos, the only thing that will happen is
that you have to upload the videos according to the trends. This means that you have to upload videos
of the same type that will be running on the trending line. It will be beneficial that your views will be
good and your looks will also be good and your watch time will also be fulfilled. And when your views
and watch time is complete, then you have to send the page to Google Adsense for improvement.
When your page is ready to be updated, then you have to send this page to Google Adsense for
improvement. Let me tell you the reason for sending it.

How to Submit a Facebook Page for Improvement.

First of all you have to create a Google Adsense account. You have to keep track of the Gmail on
which you have created the Facebook page osi Gmail You have to take special care to create a Google
Adsense account. After creating an account, you have to fill all the required fields. One part has to be
completed by giving the URL of Facebook page in the name of Woo Up. Then he will ask you for the
bank account details which you have to fulfill. And then you have to give the details of the page and
then you have to submit it then your page will go for review.

And then I will give you an answer on the 1st week of May or the second week of May. And if your
page is improved, they will send you God News mail. After that, when your page will be improved, you
will see ads on the videos of the tab, which will make you earn. You will be able to earn a lot from it. If
you want to have a good performance, then you should read and understand all my words carefully.
If you want to get the same content, you can expand my website. On this site I will tell you about
every online earning apps, you have to follow it and earn. Thank you very much God bless you…

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