How To Make Money on YouTube in 2023

How To Make Money on YouTube in 2023.


Hello friends, if you also want to earn millions, then you have to remember my secrets and follow
them .You can earn millions monthly on this app. Nowadays people are earning millions from this app. Nowadays, everyone is on the same page. He is earning millions from everyone and running his own house. This app is the best among all apps. This app is very high quality .The name of this app is “Youtube”. I will tell you this if you want to earn more money then you can earn from this app.

How to earn money from YouTube.

Earning from YouTube is not that difficult, but you have to put in some hard work and time. The tab itself will be able to earn money from YouTube. Everything requires hard work and time, if you give it to yourself, you will become a successful person. People are earning crores of rupees on YouTube. If you also want to earn, you should follow all my words. If you also want to earn millions, then follow all my words. Hard work is necessary to earn money from YouTube, but nowadays people don’t like to work hard, but even in Udi, everything requires hard work.

Only if you work hard will you become a successful person. No one will tell you all these things, but I will tell you everything. People lie to you that if you use these tracks, you will be successful, but nothing happens to my follower Jesus. May I tell you how you can earn money from YouTube, and you have to show less on YouTube.


                    First of all you have to create a channel on YouTube. If a channel is created on YouTube, then you will be able to earn money. This is the same program as the learn a little first part he. Then you have to reduce on it, you have to learn everything. That’s why you must learn to create a YouTube channel. You will find the videos on YouTube, you have to search “Ho To Karate A YouTube Channel”. You will find many related videos of the same topic. You have to watch all the vadus carefully. I also tell you the necessary things so that it is easy for you to create a channel.

How to create a YouTube channel ?

How To Make Money on YouTube in 2023.
How To Make Money on YouTube in 2023.


There are some rules for creating a YouTube channel. If we don’t follow Woo Rolla, our channel band can too.
>When you make your channel tab, you have to take care of a lot of things. All things are mandatory that we have to follow.
>First of all, you have to name your channel according to your category which matches perfectly.
> When you have to create a channel, you must take care of the category, which has a lot of role in creating a channel.
>Which category belongs to your YouTube channel, if there is a video of the same topic, then no one can stop your video from going viral.
>You must have understood from what I said that how important the category is to create a channel.
>After that, the name of the channel has to be named by the related person of the category that you have placed.
>There are a lot of categories to create a YouTube channel, if you want to make a P-up video, please click on this category.


1.comedy videos.

This is only half of the category, the rest will be available on the same page as you choose.
>After completing all this, Upup has to change the name of the channel according to the category.
>Now he is lazy about the next thing.
>You have to name the channel accordingly.
>If your channel name matches the category, your channel will be ranked.

Now let’s fill in how you will be able to upload videos on it and get good earnings. There are many types of videos, your video should be of good content. YouTube has the right to ban your channel if you post any wrong videos. That’s why you have to make sure that your content does not want to be unfair. It is necessary to have a special tune for these secret things. I am telling you these secret things so that you do not make any mistakes.

No one will tell you the same things that I am telling you. You have to read my secrets carefully. Now the next thing. You have to put the videos of the category you have placed in the same category. I have told you what the category is, take it from the lyrics. You can make a video on the category that your dealer chooses. You have to try not to copy and paste the video. Edit the video yourself because it is a copy-paste video, mostly except They don’t do it because the marriage belongs to someone else. That’s why I say edit the video yourself.

If you edit it yourself, the views will be good, I can say with certainty that your views will be good. If the views are good, your earnings will also be good. This article is about how you can do up – earning on the same topic. If you follow my every word, then you will definitely get good earnings. It can make your weak life a very high life if you work hard. Let me tell you that YouTube is also a wonderful app from which you can earn thousands, not millions, but crores.

You just have to follow my every word. Man, nowadays no one tells in such detail how you can do halal reduction. If you want to earn halal money for your hard work, then you must reduce it on YouTube. You can fulfill your own needs and that of your family by working hard on it. It will give you money only for your hard work, the more you work, the more money it will give you.

Now you have to earn money by following these secret things. Now allow me, if you want to get
content of the same type, then you can expand my website. Thank you so much for expanding my
site. Read my article. It is also a website about online earning apps You will find articles in simple
words. Now you gave me permission, thank you very much God bless you…

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