How do you make use of WhatsApp on your phone?

Whatsapp APK Download For Android (2023)

How do you send and organize photos?
How do you backup as well as archive message

 step 1 : Invite contacts to join

WhatsApp In case you want to make use of WhatsApp to communicate with your contacts then you’ll need to ensure that they’ve installed it on their mobile. When they are, then they’ll instantly show up.
If they do not have WhatsApp to use, you can invite them via email or text message with an invitation that will allow them to download WhatsApp. App.
For the iPhone, tap ‘Favorites’, scroll down and tap on “Invite Friends on WhatsApp’
If you’re using Android, on Android, tap on the Contacts Tab, scroll down, and tap on ‘ Invite friends

 step 2 : sending and Receiving messages

After you’ve added all your contacts to join WhatsApp and you’re ready to start messaging and sending messages.
Start WhatsApp then tap on the chat icon at the bottom or at the top depending on the device you’re using.
Choose the contact you want to send a message to and then begin writing a message
Step 3. Notification ticks
Two blue ticks indicate that your contact has read your message.
If you’ve sent an email to a set of contacts the second grey tick won’t show till all contacts have been notified of the message. Two blue ticks won’t be visible until all contacts have received the message.

Step 4. Creating groups

Send messages out to too many people at the same time when creating groups.
Visit your chat screen, then tap on the top right corner of the screen. The three dots are located at the top right of an Android phone or at the lower right of an iPhone screen.
Select ‘New Group’
Add group members now by clicking on the profile of their choice or entering their name into the search box.
Create an additional symbol for your group by tapping the photo box that is empty and then, adding an initial name by entering the group’s name.
After you’ve completed, tap ‘Create ‘to close the app or simply tap to make sure you’ve hit the tick

Step 5. Posting photos to WhatsApp

To send a photo to a contact, follow the steps below…
Chat with chat. Open a by clicking the chat icon, you may start a chat. tap at the attached icon (a plus sign on an iPhone and a paperclip on Android)
You can also go into camera mode by tapping the camera icon located at the upper right of the chat screen. You can then send an image straight to the chat.
If you’ve not yet granted WhatsApp permission to utilize your camera, you’ll have to do it now. You can make use of your camera to snap an entirely new photo or choose the Photo and Video Library/Gallery, which will show your photos to select one to send

 Step 6 : Manage images on WhatsApp

To turn off this feature on an iPhone take the steps below.
Click Settings > Privacy > Pictures and toggle off this switch. WhatsApp.
Additionally, you can go through settings > chats, and turn off “Save Incoming Median’
Step 7 Controlling images on Android
It’s slightly different for the Android smartphone…
Within WhatsApp, tap on the three dots at the screen’s top. Then go there to settings > data usage Auto-download of media
Select each option (‘ Using Mobile Data when connected to Wi-Fi’ or when roaming’) and uncheck every type of media you don’t want to automatically save.

Step 8: Archiving chats on iPhone

If you do not want to view messages in your chat list, you can archive them.for iPhone customers…
Visit the chat screen. tap through your chat that you want to save by moving from right to left. Then, tap ‘Archive’
For those who want to preserve all the chats, go to Settings > Chats > Archive All Chats
You can also remove an archived chat by visiting the archived Chats screen, and then moving your fingers across the chat from left to right and tapping “Unarchive”
A different method can be to go on Chats > Search
Enter your name in the chat or a word in that chat that you want to delete.

You can look through your archives of chats by scrolling up to on top of the chats section, and clicking “Archived Chats”

Step 9: Archiving chats on Android

The process is easy using an Android phone.
Navigate to the chat screen, then tap to hold down your finger on the chat you want to archive.
If you’d like to archive all chats, go to Settings > Chats > Chat History Archives all chats
To remove the archived chats, go to the bottom of the chat screen and tap on the ‘ archived chats’
Choose which chat you want to delete by pressing and holding, and then click the Unarchive icon.

Step 10: Backup of chats

To create the backup on Google Drive…
Visit settings > chats, then Chat backup. backup and backup to Google Drive
You’ll have to select a Google account that you can back up the chats to. If you don’t possess one yet, set up one by pressing “Add Account” at the prompt
Click the ‘ Backup over ‘to select the kind of system you want to utilize for backup your chats

You may also make an automated backup anytime:
Click Chats in Settings, settings, and then Chat backup. backup • Backup Google Drive
Choose one backup frequency (except Never’) as well tap ‘ Back Up ‘to begin the process
Depending on the number of chats you want to back up the backup process could take a couple of minutes, and you may want to connect your mobile as the backup is in progress. After the initial backup, each backup will only save the latest chats.
Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. After you’ve verified your account number then follow the instructions for restoring your backup to Google Drive.

11. Controlling notification preferences and privacy

WhatsApp automatically permits any user to see your receipts for reading as well as your last seen, profile, and about photos, and all of your contacts can view any status update.
In the event that you’d like to modify this:
Go to Settings > Account > Privacy
If you have your last appearance private, you won’t be able to view other people’s last sightings. If you or any members of your contacts have disabled read receipts, it is impossible to find out if they’ve read your status change. There’s no way to conceal that you’re in the internet or writing a text message.

Step 12 blocks contacts using Android.

If you decide you do not want to receive any calls, messages, or status notifications from someone You have the option to remove them. You won’t be able to reach them, and they won’t be able to see any modifications in your status or profile. But blocking someone won’t remove their account from WhatsApp account. You will have to delete the person from your phone’s list of contacts to accomplish this.
In the Android mobile…
Click the Settings tab, Account settings, and Privacy. Click on Blocked contacts > Add Contact
To block a person, tap on them. Choose the contact by tapping on it
You can also choose to ‘ Report Spam’ to notify the user and also block them
If you decide to change your mind regarding any or all of the blocked contacts you can remove them by pressing settings > account > privacy > blocked contacts tapping and selecting the desired name, and after which tap on “Unblock”
Another option can be to text a text message to the contact. This gives you the chance to remove them from your list.

Step 13 blocking contacts in iPhoneOn the iPhone…

 To add a new block, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked.
To block a person, tap on them.
You can also select to report spam by pressing the ‘Report and Block’.
You can also select to report spam by clicking “Report and Block”.

Step 14: Notifications

Do you want to personalize your notifications, like vibrating and ringtones:
Go to Options > Settings > Notification
Choose the options you’d like to use.
Be aware that the above settings only apply if the application runs in the background. If you’re using WhatsApp and the notification sound defaults to the double beep. When your device is silent, it won’t be able to hear any WhatsApp notifications. You can’t disable popups.
Today, you can make use of WhatsApp for inviting contacts as well as sending messages to people as well as groups. You can make, send and manage photos and also backup as well as archive your messages. You can also customize your privacy and notification settings to meet your specific needs.
If you’re here, you’ll want to know how to create your email account to provide you with more options for keeping in touch with all of your contacts. It is also possible to know how you can video chat or utilize FaceTime to maximize the use of your smartphone.
Visit the next steps links below for additional iPhone and Android guidebooks.


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