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Install up the iPhone 13 launcher on your Android Phone with iOS OS 15 by using the Phone 13 app

Configure your     iPhone 13 launcher    on your Android Phone using the Phone 13 app. You can switch to the Android launcher in addition to set your iPhone launcher for your phone.
You Android phone will totally change and will look and feel like the iPhone 13. Today, I am going to tell you Phone 13’s launcher. phone 13 launcher. For additional information on this, read this blog post through to the conclusion.

iPhone 13 Launcher app with OS 15

Phone 13 is one of the most well-known launchers that lets you make use of the Android Phone as an iPhone 13 using OS 15.


  The notification panel, or the action center be converted into an iOS action center.
        App Library as iPhone
        App to Organize app within the group
        Message icon or icon for setting icon, Play Store icon changed to look like iPhone

How do you access iOS 13 Launcher OS 15 app on your phone?

Be sure to use installed the iPhone 13 app on your phone. If you don’t own this app then you need the app installed to download the app. What do you need to do to download the app onto your phone?
In order to download to download this app you must go to the bottom of the article where you will see an download button. You must tap upon the download button to download and install the app on your phone. After that you can open your app then tap to Get Started then grant permission to the app.
Once you’ve done that, you’ll need follow the steps to tap at”OK” or the “OK, Enable Now” button, and then grant the display of other apps for this app. Select the Fullscreen option to remove the navigation bar, then tap to select the Get Started option.Your Android phone


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