Lens Launcher

An innovative, effective, and efficient way to search for and launch your apps is with Lens Launcher.

Lens Launcher is a unique and efficient method of browsing to and launch apps. apps.
Today, I will describe an incredible application. In it, a truly amazing feature has been added.
Instead of scrolling through long lists or flipping through several page after page, Lens Launcher implements two unique functions.
A Grid with Equi-spaced spacing that shows every one of your apps no matter the screen dimensions or app number.
The Graphical Fisheye Lens to quickly zoom pan, zoom, as well as launch apps with gestures that can be manipulated with a finger.
Lens Launcher Pro replaces your home screen by a single control, that lets you browse through your apps quickly and launch apps too.
Lens launcher professional with an Graphical effect known as Fisheye Lens by using this effect, you are able to browse launch the application, pan, or zoom your apps with this unique and stunning Icon Launcher effect.
Download the Lens Launcher Application for an amazing glimpse of your phone’s Screen It can improve the performance of your phone. giving you a more smooth experience on your phone
With Touch Launcher you do not have to go through long lists of information or flipping through pages. All you do is have to tap the screen and then zoom in to find the app you’re looking for from the list of apps.
Lens launcher pro additionally offers settings menus for a more comfortable user experience, including changing Icon dimensions, icon scaling, Haptic feedback and lens distortion, too.
Lens Launcher Features.
A variety of Color can be customized to match themes colors.
Clean and smooth user interface.
It is simple to set wallpaper background of your preference.
Uninstall the app simply by pressing the long-press button on the app in the app list.
System HD Wallpaper Usage.
Hide Apps & Icons.
Android supported Launcher.
Customize apps icon scaling.
Customizable icon arrangement.
NOTE.    Get the absolutely free Lens Lau app to get the most stunning view of your phone screen It can improve the performance of your phone giving you a smoother experience and speedy access to your apps. Use it with the Launcher app to give your phone an upgrade and create an improved mobile experience for your.
How do you download this app,
If you’d like to download this application quickly and without wasting time, then the link is liste below. Simply click on it to download the application. Have fun after downloading.


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