Appear on the notification in Android by with the material notification shade

When you open the notification bar panel the notification bar panel is very outdated and doesn’t look distinct. Sometimes, you may also would like for you to set an image or picture in your notification bar panel so that it will make it look amazing on the notification panel.

However, you do not get of set the picture in your phone’s notification bar. Today I will tell you how to set picture as well as image on your phone’s notification bar panel. Follow this blog until the end to find out more details about this.

Material Notification Shade.

This is among the top apps that allows you that allows you to set your picture as well as the image on your phone’s notification bar panel. You can easily alter the notification bar panel by using color and blur behind, and more.

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 Background color.

                                  Notification background color.

                                  Active tile color.

                                 Text color.

                                 Slider for brightness color.

                                 Dim in color.

                                Set a your own background image to be displayed in notification.

                               Color Notifications Dynamic color Notifications.

                               Blur behind.


                               Grid Columns.

                               Grid Rows.

                             A variety of header tiles.

                            Circular battery indicator.

                            The power menu button is shown and many other options to choose from.

What are the best ways to use this Material Notification Shade app on your smartphone?

Check if you’ve got installed the Material Notification Shade app, If you don’t then you have the app installed in order to download the app. What is the best way to download the app?

Find the bottom of the article where you’ll discover your download button. To download and install the app on your smartphone, click the download icon. Launch the app after installation and switch on the option to turn on the app.

Give access to the app when you activate the app. Click on the customized background image in order to set the picture to the notification bar panel. After you click on the customized background image it’ll give you the option to choose that picture that you want to use from the gallery.


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