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Receive Notifications of Online or Offline friends of you friends on WhatsApp by using the WhatsApp using the WA Toolkit app

It is essential to use WhatsApp to stay in touch to your friends and colleagues, as well as other people. The chat with friends through WhatsApp can be fascinating. You don’t really know when your friends arrive online until you have friends message you. It is important to know when your friends appear online offline via WhatsApp.
You’d like to store you the DP Image from your friends in your phone. Today I am going to inform you the process of receiving the notification Offline or Online from you friends using WhatsApp.To learn more about this, read this blog all the way through.

Follow WhatsApp offline and online using WA Toolkit

WA Toolkit is one of the most effective apps to receive the notification Offline/Online of your friends when they are online via WhatsApp. Additionally, you can download the DP images of your WhatsApp contacts.

How can you make use of WA Toolkit? WA Toolkit and track WhatsApp Online or offline?

Check if you’ve installed installed the WA Toolkit – Online/Offline Notifications DP the Syncapp in your phone If you don’t already have it, you will be able the app installed to download the app. What do you need to do to download the app for your phone?

Scroll to the bottom of the article, there is a download button. Hit on the download button in order to download then download your app to the phone. Start the app after installation and then click next button. After you click on the Next button you need to select Yes. I accept the button and give permission for the media file to this app.
Click on the Enable Online Notification option to enable online notification. You must select one number that will send you an notification that is online the number of your friends or anyone else whom notification you wish to receive and click the Done button.

Scroll down the screen to view the history of this contact when they are online or disappear offline in WhatsApp. Visit the DP Images section to download the DP images or profile photos from your friends.Before downloading the image , you need to sync your WhatsApp.
To to sync to WhatsApp you need to connect to WhatsApp. Copy the URL and then open the URL on your phone or computer browser, and then click next button on your phone. The program is going to generate the QR code. that you need to scan the QR code using your phone.

You will receive notifications from your friends. notification from the friends when they go online or offline on WhatsApp and you can save your friends their DPs in your phone. Additionally, you can keep track of all the activities of you friends when they are online or move offline.



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