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You can share Your phone screen with other users using this app. Vani Meetings app

You should want to view what your friends are seeing on their screen or share with your mobile phone’s screen. With the aid from the    share screen    you will be able to observe everything happening between your friends as well as your phone. You can also monitor the activities of your friends phone activities. Today, I am going to inform you how to share of your phone screen or the ability to view the friend’s phone screen. Follow this blog until the end to learn more details about this.

Vani Meetings – Share Screen While Talking

Vani Meetings is among the most popular apps that allows users to share your phone screen with your companions while talking. You can also stream videos, websites documents, etc. on the phone screen. phone screen.


 View your video on your shared screen videos, website Documents, Documents, etc.

No login required

      Screen sharing phone screen while talking

How do you share screen while you talk using Vani Meetings app?

Be sure to have downloaded the Vani Meets-Share Scree talkingapp installed on your phone If you don’t it is necessary in order to download the app. How do you download the app for your phone?
You can go to the bottom of the article where you’ll find at the bottom of this post is the download button. Hit the download button to download and install the app on your phone. Launch the app after installation and give the permission to use the media file in this app.
Click on the Share Screen option , then tap to the Start Now option. Following this, tap to the Share Link option, and share the link with other phones using WhatsApp as well as other apps. Click on the link on the shared phone and give the microphone as well as the media permission to this app.
Now , you can view all activity on that phone through your phone. You can also hear the voice of the phone activities. Press the End in the message to shut off from the screen sharing with others in Vani meetings. Vani meetings app.



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