Visit whatsapp profile

Visit whatsapp profile

How do you track the people who visit on your WhatsApp Profile?

Monitor those who visit your WhatsApp profile
You must be using WhatsApp. You are curious to know who is viewing your WhatsApp. Everybody wants to know whether their lover is viewing his or her WhatsApp profile as well or not. Also, you would like to see the exact location. However, you do not know what to do about that. Therefore, today I’m going to show you how to know who has visited on your WhatsApp profile. Go through the article until close to know the details.

What’s the Tracker app?

What Tracker is one of the most effective trackers for all Android phones. It lets you know who has visited the profile of your WhatsApp profile. Also, you can see the person on whose WhatsApp you have viewed. You can also view for the exact location on your contacts list by using this app. You can also hide the location of your contacts from this app so that no one can see your position.

How Can You Use the What’s Tracker?

First of all first, you must download first. You must download the What Tracker application on your phone. Now, how do use the app? download the app?
 Find the bottom of this post to find your download button.
                     Hit the download button to download and install the app on your smartphone.
                     Launch the app after you have installed it on your phone.
                     Select” Signalize Agreeing ” & Proceed button.
                     Choose Your Country.
                     You must enter Your WhatsApp Mobile number.
                      To sign into the app, click the “Sign In” option.   After logging in to this app fill in your name.
                     Choose the gender that best suits you.
                     Click on the LET’S GO! button.
                     Grant all the rights to utilize this app.
You can now see all the users and users who visit the WhatsApp profile. It updates all the users and visits daily.
Take all of these instructions to make use of these steps to use this app to know the people who visit and who you were when you visited in the WhatsApp profile.


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