Make sure to set the full size DP (or profile picture within WhatsApp by using What Cropping.

You should use WhatsApp for a way to keep in touch with your coworkers, friends and other contacts. Additionally, you should be altering you WhatsApp account’s DDP and profile picture. You’ll need to set your personal memory picture as well as your tour picture or tour picture. When setting you picture as well as your Dp it is necessary to reduce the size of your picture.
Your picture is unique and distinctive part will be cropped by your DP. It isn’t a good idea to cut out of your DP picture or any tiny part in your picture. If you’d like to set your large picture without cutting down on picture quality or cutting every part or part of your picture. Today, I will show you how on how ways to set an full-size picture on the profile of your WhatsApp profile without crop Follow this article until the end tlearmore details about this.
What Cropping – – Set to the full-size DP without Crop.
What Cropping is among the top apps that allow users the ability to set an full-size DP (or profile picture on WhatsApp. It allows you to set Your profile picture to appear on WhatsApp without cutting any tiny part from your picture. This app doesn’t affect its quality. picture. The app simply alters your picture to fit within the circle of your profile picture. The app allows you to set an full-size profile picture with this Wha Cropping app.


Choose from the picture you want to view from our Gallery.
Click directly on to select the picture using your phone camera, and save it to DP.
Change how big you want your picture.
Turn you picture and set it up for a more attractive appearance.
You can adjust the picture area to fit your photo DP or profile picture.
Make sure you place your profile picture in the circle of your WhatsApp profile picture.

How do you access your app using your phone?

Be sure to have installed the WhatsCropping app If you do not have this app. You must install this app. What are the steps to install and use the app for your phone?
Follow the link to the end the post , where you’ll locate the download link.
Hit”download” to install and download it as an app to your phone. Start the app after installation. Give permission to the media file the app.
Choose to select the picture in the gallery on your phone Gallery or click the picture from your phone camera.
Modify the size of your picture or rotate it, then click the share button. Select the WhatsApp icon and then click the OK button . This will set your WhatsApp profile picture and Dp.
Now, you can view that your full-size DP has been set to be your WhatsApp profile picture without cutting down on quality or crop any tiny part.


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